At Compass Paper Co we believe in the following:

Coffee is life. Big dogs are the best dogs. Chacos go with everything. Sandy toes are awesome. Tan lines are beautiful. Bourbon is best from tin cups. Tacos are great for every meal. Laughter can cure. A life outside is a life worth living. Snail mail makes everyone smile. 



Annie, the owner and designer behind Compass, has built her business for the backcountry lover. Armed with an degree in design and a background in the outdoor industry, she creates stationery to connect people to and inspired them to get outside. Being a lifelong paper lover, she wanted to create a line of cards for people just like her: letter writers and note takers that would appreciate a nod to the outdoors over floral patterns and feminine touches that are so popular in the stationery industry. She strives to make cards that feel just as at home at stationery stores as they would in local gear shops. 

When she isn’t in her studio, she is on the trails with her Bernese Mountain Dog (and studio assistant) Rufio, getting schooled in the art of fly fishing by her husband, enjoying getting her toes sandy on the beaches of Lake Michigan or planning her next adventure.