how do you ship?

I ship all products via USPS with tracking and insurance. I am a one-woman / one-dog show so it could take up to 2 business days for me to ship your order. I do print and assemble 90% products myself, after all! After they are shipped via USPS it usually takes 3-6 days to receive your items with the lower 48 states. Longer for Alaska, Hawaii and other countries. I ship most items in a rigid mailer so it will arrive unharmed. If a damaged item does arrive at your doorstep please email me and i will work with you to get you are replacement.

do you ship internationally? 

At this time, no.

what payments do you accept?

On my website all major credit cards are accepted during checkout. 

refunds and exchanges?

We do not accept returns. If your package arrives damaged we do everything we can to get you a replacement or refund as soon as possible. 

where are you located?

I work out of a little studio in Leelanau County, Michigan. That's were I print all my cards and paper goods using a super duty printer that will print with archival inks so your goodies will look great years after they are purchased. I also sew the pillows here myself too!

what's the process you have for creating products?

I tend to not follow trends within the stationery industry because floral and foiling accents that are so popular don't really fit into my brand. I go with my gut, what I think is funny and always ask myself "would I really send this card / use this product?" because I am truly designing for myself or someone just like me. I do a lot of sketching by hand. After I perfect my illustrations, I scan the originals and color them digitally to create the graphics for the final cards. 

can we feature you on our site / blog?

Um.... yes! Just be sure to give credit where credit is due... aka make sure to have a link back to my site!

do you do collabs?

For sure! Think our brands align and you have a killer idea for a new product? Send me an email at

as a paper company, aren't you concerned about your impact on the environment?

YES!  As a stationery brand with a love for the outdoors, the issue of sustainability is always on our minds to protect the places we love. Compass Paper Co does all it can to reduce our waste. We print using only 100% post-consumer paper that is also chlorine free and made in the USA at a mill powered by wind power. Our kraft envelopes are also 100% post-consumer paper. Due to the imperfections in the recycled paper there may be a few imperfections in the printing but that is just a small price to pay to save some trees—and we kinda like the character is adds! Our "plastic" sleeves for our stationery actually isn’t plastic at all—it’s plant matter making it completely biodegradable! 

what's up with the name: compass paper co?

I would give anything to spend my life traveling, backpacking, kayaking and be able to share a drink, (whether it's coffee, bourbon or a good IPA ) around a campfire with friends daily. This is my nod to that. I love to use bits of conversations I have with friends, illustrate my favorite pieces of gear and find inspiration in my own experiences outdoors to create my products.

do you wholesale?

Absolutely! If you are interested please shoot me an email at and I can send you our current catalog. 

do you do custom design?

I unfortunately no longer offer custom design for things like wedding invitations or logo designs because the day to day tasks for Compass Paper Co keeps me so busy. 

where you you take all of your pics?

All of my non-paper pics are of my adventures. They are mostly around Northern Michigan and mainly from daytrips I take in Leelanau County. I am super lucky to live close to the Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore which is a huge source of inspiration for me!