About Compass

Boost your karma. Send good vibes. Connect without logging on. Show off your outdoorsy side.

What do the outdoors and snail mail have in common? Connection. With your friends. With yourself. With your surroundings. Armed with a weird sense of humor, a mad love for gear and a deep sense of responsibility to push good vibes out into the world, Compass Paper Co is for the outdoorsy peeps looking to connect to their friends, family and adventure buddies. Based in Northern Michigan, Leelanau County to be exact, our one-woman business illustrates, letters, designs, prints, packages and sends out all your card orders. 

About Annie

Rarely brushes her hair. A big fan of old t-shirts, fun fleeces and trail shoes. Never remembers to drink enough water. Laughs a little too loud. A self proclaimed extroverted-introvert. Constantly looking for a quiet trail and the perfect spot to pitch a tent.

Annie grew up in Northern Michigan and then went off to college to study graphic design and studio art. She was always a creative person and wanted to earn a living doing something she loved. But it hit her right near graduation as her peers were looking for jobs that would land them in a cubicle that she would be freaking miserable editing pics, designing brochures and sitting in on meeting after meeting at a design firm. Yeah, thanks but no thanks. After graduating she decided instead to chase her second passion: the outdoors. Annie somehow landed a job playing with gear at a national outdoor school and had a blast playing with boats and being completely immersed in the outdoor lifestyle. When the need to scratch her creative itch became a little too overwhelming, Compass Paper Co was born.