Connect Without Logging On? Now You're Talkin'

People get texts everyday. Emails? Oh yeah... tons. It's usually impersonal. And it can go overlooked. Stand out with paper and a stamp. We know people who love the outdoors crave a good connection. Compass Paper Co is made just for that. Connection. To your friends. To your family. To the outdoors.  

The cards are $4.50 but the good vibes are free.


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Values? Yeah, we got those.

"How can a paper company care about the environment when it uses so much paper?"

I get it. Totally seems backwards... BUT we have some strict standards for what materials, vendors and paper we use. All Forest Stewardship Council approved paper. All the time. No exceptions. We reuse packaging materials whenever we can and use only compostable packaging for our cards - NEVER plastic!

Beyond this business, Compass Paper Co is committed to protecting public lands and our access to it. We strive to get more people outside to see the importance of protecting wild and quiet places. It's something we are always thinking about and we think it is important to stay educated and involved with issues facing our environment not just where we are based in Northern Michigan but everywhere we roam.